About Us

Brief History

AutomateNow started in 2009 as a dynamic company with a focus on providing quality services that exceeded the expectations of our customers with industrial and smart home automation systems and has since grown to a company now employing a team of skilled professionals, providing our services for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial automation systems. We have developed many strong and lasting relationships with our customers.

Mission Statement

To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Value Proposition

We believe in treating our customers with respect, growing through creativity, invention and innovation, and ultimately integrating honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business.

Our Services

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality products and with our team of experienced and passionate engineers we pride ourselves on building great customer relationships.

Our experience in automation system solutions including the design, integration and maintenance is extensive.

Our team of engineers is able to work closely with our customers, ensuring that the task or project is completed on time and on budget, using the best solution with the highest quality products available.

We also advise our customers of any cost saving measure that can be utilised and can assist with any safety requirements. By using our skills and experience we build ongoing and lasting relationships with our customers.

Quality Commitment

AutomateNow is a company committed to ensuring that all of the processes we follow are designed to deliver a high quality outcome for our clients and the industry in general. We are committed to professional systems integration and engineering innovative automation that delivers outstanding technical support and service to customers.

AutomateNow is proud of its commitment to quality and its ability to meet specific requirements of its clients, and is focussed on the delivery of a cost effective quality outcome. Our processes are founded on the frame work of ISO 9001 with a focus on excellence as the heart of it.

Our business is operated on the basis of our capacity to be able to accomplish our committed activities.

  • We buy from and partner with reputable manufactures and agents that through their own quality control measures can assure us that integrating using their systems our customers will have the best possible automation solution.
  • We seek external advice to ensure that we maintain our level of industry best practice for project execution and automation system integration.

Environmental Commitment

Our goals are to provide services that are safe and environmentally sound, conduct our operations in an environmentally responsiblemanner and create health and safety practices and work environments that enable our employees and customers to work injury free.

Our company works with employees, suppliers and customers to protect and enhance the environment.

  • Promoting environmental awareness and providing the resources and information amongst suppliers, contractors and partners to improve environmental management resources. 

  • Using our natural resources efficiently including minimising, reusing and recycling waste to the extent practicable.